ABOUT Lydia Clark

Lydia Clark
Lydia Clark writes Historical Romances set in the medieval period. She tends to slide toward fantasy with her works by incorporating a goblin or elf here or there, spinning a pretty sexy tale. When she's not writing, she's probably playing with her pup, the infamous stuffed toy killer, or  More...


A gigolo who doesn't know he is the heir to the throne and a Notorious Pirate's daughter become involved in a deep plot to overtake the throne.
The story is about a gigolo who is heir to the kingdom but doesn't know it. It takes place in a tavern in a university town. The crux of the story involves someone reading a diary. The client is the daughter of a well-known pirate. She employs the gigolo knowing he is the heir to the throne. Her plan is to kidnap him and hold him for ransom and the release of her father who is being held prisoner in the Dungeon of Luxonbulm.