Love, Money and Murder: Camille's story (The Ladies Book 1)

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Peggy Rose Soren I'm an 84 year old grandmother who loves to paint.  I recently retirred to a warmer climate where I could paint the beautivul red rock scenery , but unfortunately an old spinal cord injury keeps me from hiking the hill to scenic locations.  so I retu More...



(This is an updated version of Camille and the Forever love.) 
     The boy planned to meet
the other children on the bank of the canal before school. 
 As he approached the designated meeting place
a surge of screaming children were running away, terrified boys and girls
scattering in every direction.  Joey
hesitated for a moment, then walked closer
      His mother warned him time and again to stay away from the canal bank, but once
again he'd disobeyed. Joey's eyes widened and his mouth went dry. His breakfast
churned in his stomach and he stumbled backwards in his haste to get away. The
sight of the bloody bodies would stay with Joey for a lifetime. He ran from the
scene as fast as his legs would take him to Sgt. O'Malley's nearby house. 
 He later promised he would listen to his mother from now on. 
      The radio announcer said, "Two bodies were found at seven forty-seven Friday
 morning by a ten year old boy on his way to school."
      Officer Pat Riley took the call at the station, "Son of a bitch, two more bodies. 
 That's six in the last four months.  What the hell is going on?"
      That evening an elderly man
scurried into the dark muddy ally on the way to his watchman's job at the
dollar store.  He knew this alley well
and could walk it blindfolded so he paid little attention to where he placed
his shabby old boots. He looked up at the stars twinkling merrily in the cold
December sky. They seemed even brighter after the past week of clouds and rain.
He shivered and pulled his jacket collar up around his half frozen ears. The
howling north wind brought the promise of a white Christmas.
      Scurrying on he jumped over a muddy
hole, lost his balance then fell against something soft. 
Reaching out he feltwhat he thought was an old blanket.
     "What the hell is this doing here," he grumbled as he 
struggled to his feet. He heard a low moan. Startled, he looked closer. 
     "Oh my God, it's a person.
      It was indeed a person. A young naked girl, wrapped in a thin blanket,
 lying unconscious next to the dumpster. 
      When his mind sorted through his whiskey fog, he had trouble accepting the fact.  
      "This is no place for a girl to be," he reasoned.
       He felt her wrist and detected a slight pulse. 
       Scrambling to his feet he hurried to the back entrance of the nearby diner
 and pounded on the door as he called out, "Help, help, a girl is dying."
      The door opened and Ramon looked out. 
      Irritated by the intrusion hebellowed, "What the hell do you want?
      Can't you see I'm up to my ass in work here?"
      Then it registered what the old man was saying. 
     "Are you sure, you drunken bum?"
     "Hell yes, I'm sure, so hurry up before she dies."
      The old man grabbed the night watchman's jacket off the peg, raced outside 
      and covered the poorlittle thing. He didn't know what else to do. While he waited for
      help to arrive he began talking to the girl.
     "Hold on little mama, stay with me.  They'll be here rightsoon. 
      Keep breathing. For God's sake,hang on" 
     She moaned and whispered,"Don't let my baby die."
A romantic mystery that will keep you in suspense and turning pages. It's the age old question: 
is it nature or nurture that causes good people to be good and bad people to be bad. A maniac is loose! Through twists and turns 
of events this Chameleon like killer leads the police, on a merry chase. His disguises are so very good but he did some 
very stupid things. 
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