Dream's Stones - The Returning (Greek language)

ABOUT Evaggelia Karis

Evaggelia Karis


Alex Danaos is a quipster and crusty writer, but he is also very rich and famous almost all around the world for his imaginative fiction stories, filled with wizards and other epic heroes.
A strangely named young girl has though a diverse opinion about him and his books. While she invades his life, a series of continuous nightmares are starting to disturb his nights. His well ordered life begins to falter as well as his inspiration. An unexpected event forces him to visit his grandmother's old cottage house after many years. A mysterious message from an unknown woman and a sudden threat to his reputation, will drive him back to the door of the deserted house to face once more the forgotten past.
As his childhood’s beloved girlfriend and her grandfather come back to his life through the door of dreams, the certainty of reality begins to fall apart. His inspiration is back, but his new story is far different than those that made him famous. Lost behind the blurred boundaries between dreams and reality, between himself Alex and the hero of his story “Andros”, the author is drifting into a ceaseless wandering, desperately seeking the way back to his True life.