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Winkk is the author of the novels Retribution, Misleading, Tour Secrets 2 and Tour Secrets. For Bookings contact Chris Alexander at Visit Winkk at


The infamous Jarvis Denttin has resurfaced and is serving revenge on a platter in the novel RETRIBUTION by Winkk.

Jarvis was once successful and wealthy with exclusive nightclubs in several different cities until they were burned and destroyed in a suspicious fire. After being locked in a dog cage and left to die by his once trusted friend and business partner, Jarvis recovered from the horrific experience and is ready to make anyone that was involved with his misfortunes pay severely.

A ruthless womanizer, Jarvis continues to manipulate people with his charismatic personality. His good looks and muscular physique entices women, but they are appalled by his conniving ways. Determined to reinvent himself, Jarvis enters the real estate industry and goes into business with his friend Mathew Legonns. Realizing that no one can be trusted and everyone has secrets and motives, makes Jarvis even more coldblooded and heartless.

RETRIBUTION by Winkk takes you on a suspenseful ride of relentless revenge.

There are always consequences for your actions

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