ABOUT Amy Sumida

Amy Sumida
Amy Sumida lives on a little island in the middle of the Pacific ocean with her two gravity-defying felines. She sleeps in a fairy bed, lifted high in the air, and upon waking, she enjoys stabbing people with tiny needles, over and over, under the guise of making pretty pictures on their s More...


I'm going to tell you a secret. The gods are real. All of them. And they want you dead. Yes, you. Don't take it personally, they want all of us dead. Well, maybe not all of us but a lot of us. Why? Because we loved them once.
We used to sacrifice to them. Food, animals, ourselves. Not so much anymore. We stopped believing in them, kicked them to the curb and forgot about them, but they haven't forgotten us. They need us, need the energy we gave them through sacrifice, energy they used to gain magic, power, and immortality. See, the gods aren't gods without us.
So they came up with a plan. War. If we went to war against each other, they could take the dead as sacrifice. So they manipulated us, infiltrated our governments and possessed the minds of our leaders. They played us against each other. It was a good plan and it worked well. Until I found out.
Oh that sounded tough, didn't it? Honestly, I'm nothing special. I don't have super powers or inhuman strength. What I do have is a little magic and enough knowledge to fight them, hunt them. I may even have allies, gods who claim they're on our side, but I'm not sure yet. It's hard to trust a god of thunder who looks so damn good in his leather pants. That's just not right.
So now you know the secret and you're not safe anymore. You'd better come with me.


I've always been fascinated by religions. I believe you can really get to know a culture through its religious beliefs. This fascination is what started me down the Godhunter path. I started wondering what all those different gods would be like if they were real. What kinds of personalities would they have? What motivations? And what would loving one really mean? So Vervain was a born, a witch who discovers that gods are real and not at all what we think.

"Smart, sexy, sassy and sweet this story holds adventure and romance, with a well written and witty take on mythology. Read this now!”
~Kevin Sitze

"Vervain, her Gods and her men, they breathe in a way that I am unable to describe!"

~Diana Rumbold

"They are so good, they should be savored, but instead I binged on them like a kid on Halloween."

~Constand Reader