Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar Volume III

ABOUT Gloria Amendola

Gloria Amendola
Gloria Amendola is an intuitive who has a passion for esoteric
knowledge and dream language. In her private circles, she
blends the western tradition of research and evidence with the
eastern path of meditation and going within for answers. She is
a trained facilitator  More...


In Volume III of Mary Magdalene: Revelations From A First Century Avatar, Mary does not disappoint. Through the author as channel for her voice, Mary speaks of strange encounters with Creator Beings. Read about her experiences with them, and how their decree changed her life with Jesus. In this final volume of the trilogy, Magdalene appears to the author by the river in Rennes les Bains, France. There she reveals an ancient healing technique called The True Baptism. Mary illustrates how to organize the life force from the matrix of The All and allow it to trigger our genetic code. Mary then answers more of your questions, this time about the hidden properties of gold, the evolution of her bloodline with Jesus, free will, inner earth, the star knowledge, and much more. Discover the fascinating and shocking details of these revelations! In this compelling account, the veil is lifted high, so we can begin to comprehend the true nature of The Great Deception. Prepare to break free from the ego-mind and live in harmony from the inside out. Mary says it’s the only sustainable path forward at this crossroads in time!