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Lad Nomad
Lad Nomad is a freelance writer in management and information technology with more than 25 years of expreince, His interests include thought leadership ; Uncommon traits in transfrmativ leadership .



A compelling story of a Non Ivy League Non Conformist
Business head in turning around a sleepy; undisciplined and a highly political industrial unit

The novel depicts the irrelevance of traditional generalized management wisdom in today’s global workplace. The modern employee is knowledgeable as well as smart enough to beat the traditional management strategies and practices. What is needed today is reinventing the traditional wisdom in its new form to make it relevant and effective to the modern smart employees. Ivy League management education today miserably fells on the relevancy parameter.

The story unfolds in a commercial vehicle manufacturing plant where a new general manager Kenneth Ray takes heads on with various stakeholders namely the workmen; Workmen Union; Officers and Vendors to bring in the discipline and productivity in the plant. In this attempt he has to use non traditional and innovative approaches to make the things happen.

Kenneth Ray’s fight is not limited to the internal stakeholders but he has to also face external stakeholders like Government officials; Law enforcement department and local political agents. His ability to plan the actions with an end in mind helps him to overcome the internal as well as external stakeholders.

In the entire transformation journey of the Plant Kenneth Ray has to employ numerous managerial; Non managerial strategies; actions; counteractions; tricks; Games Traps to bring in the discipline and productivity. Some time he has been forced to adopt stands and strategies which are not considered as ethical but that was the only way he could solve those issues with.

Kenneth Ray in the process also observes the functioning of his well educated Ivy League engineering and management colleagues and wonders about their inability to challenge the present; challenge the obvious. However in this journey he mentors them ‘correct them and show them the right path.

This Novel has a humorous as well as serious tone. While the practices and situations in the novel create smiles and tickle it also make readers to think through the adverse effects of those practices. The novel also contains a strong conflict and friction between the management and the workmen union on wage negotiation agreement bringing some really tense moment.

The form of the novel is made unique. Before each chapter a short brief of traditional management wisdom and current reality is given and then the story is unfolded. This unique form is suggested so that the readers are able to relate to the story and educate themselves along with a wholesome entertainment.

The Novel is not about who is right or wrong –Management or employees. Through rib tickling situations it helps readers to understand the issue and Kenneth Ray’s unique experimentation during the transformation journey of the Plant.

The reader is not expected to be a management scholar or business executives to understand the story. Anyone who is literate and knows about the general business practices is able to understand; Grasp and appreciate the contents.