Without Your Goodbye: A Novelette

Romance, General Fiction

By Tonya Rice

Publisher : Magnolia Bay Publishing

Without Your Goodbye: A Novelette

ABOUT Tonya Rice

Tonya Rice
Author and Richmond (VA) Landmarks & Historic Districts Examiner, Wife, mom, classic film fan and power walker.



Friendship can be a tricky thing. Just when you think you know your closest friend, you learn that you really don’t. Shelby Kingston discovers this in many ways.

Shelby’s love of three years, Maz, decided that he wanted a change, “something new”. She didn’t see it coming. Dr. Francisco Eisley moves to town and becomes a client of her medical imaging device business. He realizes he wants more. In the meantime, Maz realizes how much of a mistake it was to let Shelby go and devises a plan to woo her back. As Shelby tries to stay focused on her work, she finds herself missing Maz, yet thinking more about Francisco. The heat rises when both men realize they’re in the running for her love. Which one does Shelby find more worthy of her heart? And what does Shelby learn about the trials and even jewels of friendship?

"This book has sass, deceit, folks with sense, folks with no sense - but great fashion, twists, turns, and the ability to leave you wanting more." - Amazon review