Creating the Work You Love: Courage, Commitment, and Career

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By Rick Jarow

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Rick Jarow

Rick Jarow
Rick Jarow, Ph.D., is a Visiting Professor of History of Religion at Vassar College and former Mellon Fellow in the Humanities at Columbia University. He is a practicing alternative career counselor and is the author of In Search of the Sacred as well as numerous articles and audiotapes. H More...



In this unique and provocative look at work, career counselor Rick Jarow argues for a return to the concept of vocation--finding a "calling" instead of a job.

 Traditional career guides inventory the individual skills, talents, and abilities that correlate to specific existing jobs. Creating the Work You Love presents a unique alternative approach, using self-reflective exercises based on the seven chakras, to help you determine the elements you need to create a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Jarow believes that it is possible to live and act from the most authentic part of oursleves, and to express our strongest values, energies, and talents through our work in the world. Concentrating on the attributes associated with each of the body's energy centers, or chakras, Dr. Jarow helps us form a bridge between our personal priorities and the external activities of the work world. Once this bridge is established, strategies are developed to find a career that nourishes all aspects of our lives. 


"This wise and inspiring book can help you create a life that is a work of art."

Yoga Journal

"Jarow writes almost like a poet, offering references to mythology, guided meditations, and thoughtful exercises. He brings each of the pieces into place with such clarity that they add, rather than detract, from this thought-provoking, affirming approach to life design."

Amherst Bulletin