Macadamian Pliers

Young Adult, Horror

By Steve Conoboy

Publisher : Black Rose Writing

Macadamian Pliers

ABOUT Steve Conoboy

Steve Conoboy
Steve Conoboy wrote approximately 73 dillion words before deciding which ones to publish. He’s still not sure they’re in the correct order, and wishes they’d sort themselves out. He was once seen by a ghost, has bitten a werewolf, and one time he was invited in by a vampire, but he d More...



Macadamian Pliers seems pleasant enough. After all, the Raines shouldn’t judge him because of his stitched shut eye, that twist of a smile, the strange angles he’s made of. He’s sold them a beautiful house… and he’ll send them screaming from it if it’s the last thing he does. Frank Raine loves ghosts, so the fact that there’s one in the house is totally awesome. His new friend, Jack, ain’t that bad either. So what if he’s the local firebug and a serious liability? But these ghosts are not a game. They bite. Hard. And there’s a man of strange angles lurking at the bottom of the garden every night doing… something. A car crash left Cherry physically weak, and bullying kids are getting her down. Does Cherry have any fight left? Because the thing is, Macadamian doesn’t take kindly to silly little girls… Sometimes you really should judge a book by its cover.

Mr Conoboy writes with an easy style that drew me in from the first paragraph. Story telling at its best and plenty of chills along the way. Really couldn't wait to find out what happens to Cherry as the story went on. Waiting now for the next installment. Kind of Steven King meets Derek Landy.