Don't Play in the Sun (Breaking the Chains)

Don't Play in the Sun (Breaking the Chains)

ABOUT Evie T. McDuff

Evie T. McDuff
Evie T. McDuff is a care provider specializing in services to the mentally ill and Life Coach in training. Her personal experiences with domestic violence, from the death of her best friend’s mother to the generational cycle of abuse she witnesses today, are what led Evie to dedicate her More...


Can the misfortunes of one woman’s ancestors give her the strength to fight for her freedom?   When Alice inherits a wooden chest from her deceased mother, she suddenly finds herself swept away by the devastating stories contained within. No longer the only victim in her family, Alice realizes that she must find the power to break the chains of darkness that have enslaved the women of her family for so long. As her foremothers cry out to her from the past, Alice must learn to dream again, to break down the mental and emotional barriers holding her back… and to reach for her freedom.   Alice finds herself seeking the courage to imitate her foremothers’ fortitude and extricate herself from her abusive husband. If not for her own life, then that of her daughter, Denise.   Don’t Play in the Sun is a thrilling ride, geared to reset your way of thinking. Travel with Alice through her hardships as her story reveals that there is a light at the end of the tunnel- if you are willing to trudge forward through the filth, fear and dark to get to it.

Alice Miles had learned a long time ago not to question her lot in life. Her single duty was tending the to needs of her husband and daughter, doing whatever it took to keep her family together. But a tragic altercation and unexpected inheritance forces Alice to take a hard look at her life, revealing to her for the first time the weight wrapped around her birth. This naked confrontation with her family history—a legacy of abuse, violence, and misogyny—sets Alice on the road towards freedom as she fights to break the chain of cruelty and step into the sun with arms and soul wide open. While unashamed to celebrate who she truly is, she discovers that her battle isn't just for herself but for her daughter and all generations to come. Now, Alice knows she must defeat her past or risk forever ruining her family's future.