The Drowning Man

ABOUT Sara Vinduska

Sara Vinduska
Originally from Kansas, Sara Vinduska is a romantic suspense author and aspiring farmer in North Idaho. Her other passions include yoga, soap making, good red wine, and K-State football.



After watching his best friend drown when they were children, Kansas City firefighter Trent Barlow has devoted his life to saving others. Twenty years later, Dr. Caroline Newberry still blames Trent for the death of her son. Pushed over the edge by not being able to save a young child at work, Caroline abducts Trent, intent on retribution.

Detective Lora Tatum has exhausted all leads on Trent’s case. Even though his family loses hope of his safe return, Lora refuses to give up. She becomes obsessed with finding Trent, and when she finally does, he is mentally and physically a shell of his former self.

As Trent heals, he and Lora form a tentative relationship. Just as they are learning to love and trust each other, repercussions of the past surface again, endangering Trent and everyone close to him.