Hiring Made Easy as PIE

Business, Money & Investing

By Alonzo Johnson

Publisher : OASYS Press

ABOUT Alonzo Johnson

Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson, Ph.D., is the Managing Partner of The OASYS Group, a talent management consulting company. He has held leadership positions in the military, higher education, and in the private business sector. Alonzo has over three decades of experience in talent management and human reso More...



Do you want to increase your probability of hiring the right person for the job? Hiring best-fit employees is a critical task but it doesn’t need to be daunting or complex. In this how-to guide for hiring, Dr. Alonzo Johnson presents his perspective on best-fit hiring using PIE as an acronym—Prepare, Interview and Evaluate. This straightforward approach is based on his extensive research on hiring practices and years of hiring experience in the business world. He has synthesized his knowledge into essential learnings for anyone who needs to hire someone to fill a position. Dr. Johnson’s hiring approach is easily learned and applied as an effective and structured process. The book offers sample interview questions, ready-to-use forms and other hiring tools. With this book as your guide, hiring can be Easy as PIE.

I have been involved in helping organizations hire right for over 30 years
and can honestly say Dr. Johnson’s book is the most practical and easy
to use resource I’ve found. He writes in an easy-to-read combination of
stories and step-by-step checklists that cut to the chase. If you want to
increase your probability of hiring the best-fit employee the first time,
read this book. This is the book on the topic. I highly recommend it.

Henry L. Thompson, Ph.D.,
President & CEO, High Performing Systems, Inc.