Confronting the Demon (The Seven Circles of Hell Book 1)

ABOUT Ciara Ballintyne

Ciara Ballintyne
Ciara Ballintyne sings American country music with an Australian accent and is slave to two cats who believe they are gods – but who graciously permit her husband and two daughters to reside with them. She holds degrees in law and accounting, and for her sins has been a practising financ More...


For lovers of Jacqueline Carey, Brent Weeks and Storm Constantine - fantasy with mystery, romance and a paranormal twist.

The powerful wizard, Alloran, lurks in the stinking muck of the back alleys of the city of Ehsan. Posing as a common labourer, he struggles to hide from his lover, his best friend, the authorities – and his past.

But beneath the garbage of the backstreets he discovers a new horror: a trail of gruesome bodies, gnawed on by demons, and left gift-wrapped for him to find. Someone is brutally murdering people from his past, and threatening to finish with his lover, Gisayne. What dark secret from Alloran's youth cripples his ability to fight back?

In a world where hellcats stalk the shadows, and a flaming demon lays waste to the citadel of the wizards, Alloran must risk losing himself to a powerful addiction, or abandon Gisayne to hell.

Also including bonus story 'A Magical Melody'.

When a lethal spell is stolen from a locked and warded room, Avram must hunt down the thief before the song of power buries a city of innocents beneath a thousand tonnes of ice.


“Ballintyne is a masterful storyteller who manages to get you caught up in the book almost instantaneously... I actually enjoyed a good fantasy novel that didn’t take days and days to read, but still offered the opportunity to get caught up in its world and story.” - Tracy Riva, Global eBook Awards Judge

"This story wasn't quite what I expected; it was better! The first pages surprised me, reminding strongly of THE WAY OF SHADOWS by Brent Weeks (the scenes, setting and story feel). I was immediately drawn in." - Dr. S. Drecker

“Ballintyne gives wonderful descriptions and I found myself becoming lost in the magic of her words in a picturesque world with every turned page” - Bella Doerres

“The power-packed action will leave you breathless and the eerie suspense will make you chomp on your own nails, beware!” - Satarupa, Curse of the Bibliphile

“With imagination and detail that paints a full scene for the mind’s eye, Ciara takes us on a short but exciting journey into a world of magic, love and demons from hell.“ - Miranda Wood of DustyKatt’s Stuff Reviews

"Ciara Ballintyne magically packs action, intrigue, love and fear into a very short, but intense and dark read! Her writing is crisp, she gets to the point and creates scenes that rolled past my "mental screen" in vivid detail."- Dii Amazon TOP 1000 REVIEWER

"I will be recommending this to all my paranormal addicts." - Leanne Herrera

"...classic epic fantasy elements that would make Robert E. Howard happy." - M Joseph Murphy

"An interesting blend of the paranormal in high fantasy." - A. Taylor

"The World that Ciara Ballintyne has created is fully realized and the characters have depth and substance. This is a book that will suck you in and not let you go. Even after you have finished the last page you will be craving more." - im1Rarebird

"The pace is phenomenal not only because it is fast and keeps the plot moving forward but because there is such a wealth of information in so few words! I could've read more and more for hours and hours, but Ballintyne wraps it all up in one suspenseful, tidy package." - A_TiffyFit,

Ciara Ballintyne's sword and sorcery fantasy, Confronting the Demon: The Seven Circles of Hell, Book 1, is fast-paced and enthralling. I was amazed by how swiftly I got caught up in Alloran's situation. The author uses just the right combination of description and action to get her readers immersed in her fantasy world, causing them to hit the ground running along with the beleaguered wizard. While I can sometimes become a bit impatient with contemporary epic fantasy offerings, I was surprised and thrilled by how much I was enjoying reading Confronting the Demon. Ballintyne's work shows flashes of inspiration from Robert E. Howard's sword and sorcery stories as well as the works of more traditional epic fantasy authors. Confronting the Demon: The Seven Circles of Hell, Book 1 is an accomplished and impressive debut offering, and it is most highly recommended. ~ Jack Magnus for rReaders' Favorite