Murder Seen through the Eyes of a Child

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Nathan Rhodes
I have enjoyed writing since childhood. Once, while in elementary school, I wrote a book about a space odyssey. When I was finished with it my teacher took it and read a chapter out of it each day to the entire class. My classmates really enjoyed it. I went to work in underground coal min More...


Our story unfolds in the Appalachian Mountains during the 1960s. It is fiction but based on actual events that occurred in the lives of three young boys. Pollution is non-existent here because strip mining, or mining of any type, has not been allowed anywhere in this area.

 The lives that our story touches, and the people who live here, are honest and hardworking folk. They cherish the land, treating it as the precious gift it is.

Three members of this family play a critical role here. They are Denny, Jake and Ty Ferguson, a trio of unforgettable characters who live off the land in this part of the country.

At the same time, this tale also catalogues the lives and adventures of three young boys who witness a tragedy: Joe, (me), Travis and Billy. Still, while terrible events explode all around them, these boys will find ways to get into some very entertaining mischief.

 “Murder Seen through the Eyes of a Child” is their story.

Growing up and watching families struggle to hold on to their land that they cherished along with seeing families first hand as an adult and coal operator fight tooth and nail for their land stuck with me for many years. They perceived what they were doing to be honorable, just and right. Like a lot of people, I wanted to put these accounts, feelings and emotions down on the written page.

5.0 out of 5 stars Good read, February 3, 2015
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I really enjoyed this book. Loved how the chapters flowed. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. I am going to pass it to my daughter to read it
By Amazon Customer on August 25, 2014
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Very impressive writing, very well written. This story kept you on the edge of your seat. Very adventurous and very entertaining and informative about the Middle Branch area. I would highly recommend this read.
By Amazon Customer on July 27, 2014
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This was a great read!! The vision he paints of the beauty of the mountains in contrast to the vileness that greed reduces it to is very realistic as to what happened in a lot of the appalachian areas, The fact that that he shows how life must go on by bringing into the story the antics of the mischievous boys shows him to be a well rounded writer who looks at all the facets in life. My emotions ran the gambit in this book, from laughing at the boys to trying not to cry at the obvious waste of life and nature that also takes place. i HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone that wants a good laugh, a look at the past, or the way strip mining affected the mountainous regions