The Skinny Delicious Cookbook: Over 250 Mouthwatering Recipes (Your Best Selection of Paleo Vegan Recipes to Help You get Skinnier) Lose Weight Permanently ... Delicious Way! (Skinny Delicious Series)

The Skinny Delicious Cookbook: Over 250 Mouthwatering Recipes (Your Best Selection of Paleo Vegan Recipes to Help You get Skinnier) Lose Weight Permanently ... Delicious Way! (Skinny Delicious Series)

ABOUT Beran Parry

Beran Parry
My name is Beran Parry and for the past thirty-five years I’ve been studying, practising and advising about truly effective nutrition and weight loss. A lot of this passion comes from my family background. Growing up in a family with major health and weight problems, I realised at a very More...



The Skinny Delicious Cookbook - Your Body Will Love You Forever with These Delicious Recipes!
Do you suffer from weight issues? Have you had enough of all those fashion diets and eating fads that just don’t deliver permanent weight loss? Are you finally ready to get in shape by giving your body what it really needs? Welcome to the Skinny Delicious Cooking Revolution.

The latest scientific and medical research reveals how to power up your fat-burning engine and transform your weight, your shape and your health, fuelling your body with healthy, delicious food that will kick start your metabolism and reveal the skinnier new you. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting. Say hi to the skinnier new you and the Skinny Delicious Revolution! Step beyond the theories and join me on the pathway to real health and well being. Because I’ve been overweight, I’ve done the diets and I learned the secret of how to shed those pounds. Now I’m ready to share the results of decades of research to show you how to really take control of your weight. Forever.

Luckily the question of weight control is not simply a matter of the ‘wrong genes’. The science of Epigenetics is opening up a whole new world of possibilities, showing us how to influence the way our genes behave. New discoveries about the way the micro-organisms in our gut affect health and weight loss are changing the way we approach nutrition. Promoting total health and natural weight loss by re-balancing our gut flora is an essential ingredient in the Skinny Delicious Revolution. Turning our backs on grains that promote weight gain and inflammation, cutting out the sugars that poison our bodies, limiting our exposure to the toxic foods that harm our health and pile on the pounds, introducing the essential nutrients that promote well being and excess weight loss - these are some of the hi-octane keys to the skinnier, healthier, new you.

Our bodies evolved to be super efficient, fat-burning machines, lean and fit, energised and aware, functioning with optimal efficiency. So what went wrong? The modern diet of highly processed, fat-enriched, super sweetened foods, a daily diet of unnatural and harmful substances that our bodies simply can’t cope with. That’s what happened. The result is an explosion in obesity rates, heart disease and a host of other diseases that researchers suspect can be avoided by taking better care of our nutrition. So we now have the knowledge and the understanding to manage our weight and health issues from within our own bodies. And your body is going to love the results.

Banish all the poisons from your life and wake up to a healthier new you
Re-balance your micro-flora and put your body back in control of its weight issues
Switch on your fat-burning engines and shred the belly flab
Enjoy hundreds of delicious recipes to celebrate your quest for total well being
Smile whenever you look in the mirror

Thousands of research projects from leading scientific institutions around the world have confirmed the importance of the Epigenetics revolution in our understanding of how our bodies really function. The growing importance of Functional Medicine supports these conclusions and we are incredibly fortunate to live at a time when these discoveries are entering the mainstream and shaping how we treat a wide range of health issues.

Weight control is a perfect example of how we can use smart nutrition to programme our bodies to behave naturally and burn the excess fat. It truly represents a revolution in how we manage health issues and now the Skinny Delicious Cookbook Revolution is available for you. Download right away and join the thousands of individuals who have discovered the joys of eating Delicious Food and living in a skinnier, healthier body.