“Wake Up” 2 The World’s Best Kept Secret vol.1

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AbiyShay Ben YisraEL



In This Book The Truth Will Be Revealed

What you are about to read are questions that are frequently asked but very seldom are the questions answered correctly, truthfully, thoroughly or in most cases the questions are simply never answered!

This book will answer and explain beyond a shadow of a doubt the questions, while dispelling the myths, mysteries and deception, bringing to light the true ethnicity, identity, heritage/culture and the bittersweet condition of the so-called African-Americans and Black descendants of slaves/afflicted scattered all around the world!  

This book will also answer and explain beyond a shadow of a doubt some of the world’s most philosophical unanswered questions such as “Whats the meaning of life”, “Can we truly live forever” (Life Happily Ever After), “Why is the world filled with greed, evil and corruption” and so much more

These questions will be thoroughly answered and explained with irrefutable living proof but most notably and importantly substantiated with undeniable prophetic and/or historical- foundational biblical scriptural evidence.    

This book is in NO way shape or form intended or used as a tool to contrive hate nor to attack or offend any group of people or person.

The sole purpose of this book is to enlighten the world with the undeniable truth that’s hidden in plain sight!

To some the truth may be offensive and to some the truth may hurt however please …

“Wake up” 2 the answers of “The World’s Best Kept Secrets”

Some Of The Best Kept Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight!