Mirrors & Mist (The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy Book 2)

ABOUT Craig Skiera

Craig Skiera
C.M. Skiera currently lives in San Diego, California, a long way from Michigan, where he grew up, graduated from Michigan State University, and started a career as an environmental engineer. He and his wife are devoted dog-lovers who share their home with two rescue Chihuahuas. Crimson &a More...



Jetsam fled Dwim-Halloe as a runaway orphan, escaping both a zealous bounty hunter and a dragon-obsessed fallen knight. Now, the teenager finds himself a fledgling apprentice to the infamous wizard Seryn Vardan, the Oxbow Kingdom’s most wanted fugitive. When Jetsam attempts a heroic rescue during a foray with his teacher, catastrophe ensues as Seryn is captured and slated for execution.

Jetsam vows to free Seryn from his mysterious captors before his public beheading in the city where they are both falsely accused of murder. With his canine companion, Jetsam attempts a risky homecoming by seeking aid from old friends. Can Jetsam save his beloved mentor from certain death, or will he once again be left homeless and alone with a bounty on his head?

Once again, reality faded away and I was transported into C. M. Skiera’s world of dark fantasy, emotion and wickedly fast-paced action, both physical and mental as Jetsam finds himself caught up in more deceit and danger. Being reunited with his friends felt like a homecoming as their personalities came back in full-color detail! Each page uncovered another twist, another revelation and more of the man Jetsam was turning in to as C.M. Skiera smoothly brings another tale to life. The tension created by Mr. Skiera’s words is thick, the energy, heady and the loyalty of allies simply amazing! High adventure, dimensional scenes, sounds, smells and inner turmoil, it’s all here, all riveting, all addictive and an epic fantasy that will engage anyone with an eye for great storytelling. - Dii at Tome Tender Book Blog