Career Guidance for Now and for the Future: RCI Program to Success

ABOUT Melissa Hume

Melissa Hume


"If you’re looking for a good job, you’ve probably found out that they’re hard to find and even harder to get.

Melissa Hume shares real-life experiences to help you understand how companies recruit and select candidates. She provides the guidance you need to:

• find the type of jobs you want;
• capture attention with your resume and cover letter;
• navigate the interview process;
• prepare for common interview questions;
• master the proper etiquette.

You’ll also learn how to boost your self-esteem by demonstrating your skills and knowledge to yourself. An assortment of useful exercises helps you truly understand and apply what you’ve learned. There’s even a section for employers on how to evaluate and select the best candidates.

Whether you’re just entering the work force, returning after an extended break or simply seeking a change in direction, you’ll get the insights you need to find and get the job you want with Career Guidance for Now and for the Future."