The Path to Redemption

The Path to Redemption

ABOUT Rick Tresnak

Rick Tresnak
I am humbled by the experiences life has placed before me as a writer, paramedic, inventor and minister.



Have you ever wondered how some people walk away from horrific events with barely a scratch, while others, in seemingly simplistic situations perish? Why do some people suffer horribly from things like addiction and mental illness? There are a lot of things in life that aren't easily explained. Some of them eventually can be. However when it comes to guardian angels, no one has been able to explain them away. I believe it's because guardian angels exist! What makes a person of habit suddenly take a different route to work after years of going the same way, only to get to work and hear the news of a fatal accident on their regular pathway to work? Why do people refuse to get on flights they've already booked and paid for, only to learn that flight meets a tragic end? Premonition, perhaps? But where might that premonition have come from? These are the stories of Corbett Masters and his guardian angel, Tobias. Stories of how each need the other, neither of them knowing of the need for the other. A journey through a very rough life, Corbett might not have even been capable of surviving, if not for the protection of his unseen protector. Tobias fights for the salvation of Corbett's soul in fierce battles with very real demons that are attempting to corrupt and claim his soul. This story allows you to see the life of Corbett as it unfolds, and allows you the opportunity to see how events are impacted by Tobias's protection over Corbett. You'll also see how Tobias is impacted over the years by his role in protecting Corbett. Follow Corbett's journey and hopefully you will wonder for a moment about the things in your own life that have seemed impossible, yet somehow, against all the odds, you've pulled through. Why did you suddenly change your plans, or take a different route to work or perhaps, through a sudden bout of Déjà Vu think twice about doing something? Guardian angels are watching over us, protecting us, every moment of every day. We just need to