Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117- 3451) Part 1

Dhungwana 2117 - The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117- 3451) Part 1

ABOUT Baibin Nighthawk

Baibin Nighthawk
Baibin Nighthawk (Pen Name): Baibin holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and a Certificate in Art (Teaching). She is a freelance Business Consultant, a member of Art of Ink in America Society and a writer. She won several Poetry and international Calligraphy Awards.


The year is 2117. Dhungwana, the only remaining dry land on the planet Earth, is governed by the Federal Communities. Humanity, organized through a strict social reputation index, lives to the dictum "I belong, ergo sum".
Ian and Dayla, the main characters, have a brilliant social life until Dayla accidentally intercepts classified financial data concerning her employer, the BlueGray Corporation, while Ian identifies genetic modifications that have appeared in one of Dhungwana’s main food sources. As a result, their lives and social reputations become complicated and their crystalline everyday life is filled with an obsessive and terrifying sense of déjà vu. The deaths of two distinguished colleagues, hastily dismissed by the authorities, force Ian and Dayla to open their eyes and discover their only allies are the banned of Dhungwana, and their only option is to fight against the reality of a world that is no longer theirs. It is a fight for the survival of the human race.

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite - 5 Stars
In Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer, Ian and Dayla, like any other person living in Dhungwana, were used to the restrictive but productive system whose ultimate goal was the common good of the entire community. Dayla, a financial analyst, was shocked when she accidentally came across information suggesting that Dhungwana might be controlled by a group whose end game was contrary to the common-good theory that was endlessly preached. Dhungwana was run by a system that allowed the authorities to monitor and, when necessary, manipulate everything - food, metabolism, stress, sex life, social interactions, memory ... name it and the government was controlling it. Ian and Dayla's suspicions were further aroused when they noticed a couple of strange deaths with explanations that did not add up. When they finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together, they could not believe the kind of future the Federal Communities had planned for Dhungwana, a future that threatened the very survival of the human race. Something had to be done to stop this threat.

Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer is a captivating sci-fi novel that combines a unique and truly fascinating plot and compelling characters to deliver a true sci-fi thriller. I especially loved how Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer portrayed both the human and nonhuman characters, giving each a unique persona that added something extra to the story. The intriguing setting of the story was another exciting factor of the novel that completely blended in with the whole plot and perfectly fitted in every time a new part of the plot was added. Dhungwana 2117 will make a thrilling read for fans of the sci-fi genre, with a dose of romance and hi-tech action.


Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite - 4 Stars

Dayla and Ian have been living a perfectly happy, perfectly normal life in Dhungwana until they stumble across some data that seems to change everything they thought they knew. Dhungwana isn’t the perfect place they always thought it was. Instead, it seems there’s something covert going on behind the scenes of the BlueGray Corporation. When Dayla and Ian first discover the abnormalities, they are certain there must be a good reason, but time and more data change their minds as more and more things about their world stop adding up. There’s something strange going on in Dhungwana and it’s going to take some highly trained rebels to unmask it. Dhungwana 2117 by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer is a book you will be interested to hear more of.

Dayla and Ian are very interesting characters and each really seems to have a good personality. They come across as realistic people and they are easy to relate to. Living in the future seems to change a few things, but it’s still easy to understand what’s going on (and the pretty cool technology). I was drawn into the story and it moved along at a good pace. There weren’t a lot of external characters besides these two, but there was still enough to keep you wanting to learn more. The next book is definitely one that I will read. I was left wanting to know more when I finished Dhungwana 2117. Luckily there are more books to come.