Only for Special Women - How to Avoid Male Unfaithfulness and be Happier in Your Love Life

ABOUT Mathias Gonzalez

Mathias Gonzalez
Mathias Gonzalez, is a Brazilian, naturalized Australian, Master of Communication and Information Technology, Educational Psychologist, Specialist in Distance Education, Scientific Methodology Professor and Clinical Psychologist. His work is focused on motivational, educational, psychologi More...



This book is not a manual advising women to become geishas, unparalleled lovers, sex workers or perfect wives. Rather, it is a collection of information, ideas, tips, and suggestions to help make women happier, more loved, more respected and unique in the lives of their husbands, boyfriends or lovers. The focus of the book may seem to be concentrated on men, but it is not. The focus is on the woman who wants to be loved fully and truly. The goal of this work is to enhance a woman’s knowledge to allow them to lead the life of a princess at the side of their beloved. Here are instructions to transform women into beings who are infinitely happier, more independent and self-reliant in their relationships.

The discoveries that I share in this work are the result of decades of research including; conducting thousands of interviews with men and women from different age groups, social classes and religions; of reading books and articles; participation in scientific conferences in several countries., It is the culmination of thousands of hours of work composing the essence of what you are about to read.

The book has been condensed to what I believe is the essence of my work. The book does not include scientific theories that were proven in famous universities. As well, it does not give readers a magic formula that will be tailored to all people. There are no such miracles and everyone’s individual case has its own challenges as each individual is unique. As such, each individual should be treated differently.

What you will find in this work is practical information that can be applied to your situation to make your love life, and your sexual life in particular, happier and more harmonious. It is my belief that most women not only want a happy sex life with their man, but that they want their men to respect them and be sexually satisfied. Happiness with faithfulness is the focus of this book.

Every man who was born with normal testosterone levels is, by his very nature, attracted to and wants to have sex with women whether or not he is married. If a man - defined here as someone born with male sex organs - is not interested in members of the opposite sex, that is, women with female sex organs, the reproduction of the human species, in both biological and conventional terms, would be seriously compromised. In the future, reproduction issues will likely be resolved by alternative methods. At the current stage of human development, babies are the exclusive product of two beings of the same gender, although there are still controversies and obstacles.

To date, no individual can be born without the spermatozoa, the male reproductive cell. In this book, we will not engage in the reproduction discussion.

After many years of research and observation, I decided to focus my efforts as a therapist on working with couples and male individuals and my clientele included approximately 1,300 men. These clients spoke about their amorous adventures, conquests, disappointments, and the helplessness they felt in their romantic relationships and marriage. Some men opened their hearts and told me everything in the confessional of psychotherapy. Many had suffered for years with chronic feelings of guilt that caused them to experience depression and, in extreme cases, death. This was the case with a protestant pastor, who fell ill and died mere months after hearing from the lips of his wife that "she would never forgive him for his abominable marital betrayal".

What is the origin of this male compulsion for sex? Why have so many men been unfaithful to their partners while inside a committed relationship? If men know that they cannot resist "a piece of tail", why do they marry and promise, on the altar, to be faithful “until death do us part”? Why, in 80% of failed marriages, is the primary cause one of infidelity of one of the spouses, usually the man?

Why is having more than one wife or concubine almost a sacred duty is some eastern cultures, while in western culture, bigamy is considered a crime? What are the real implications of adultery, of marital infidelity? Who wins or loses? Is this a legal, moral or personal issue?

Other questions could be raised related to this eternal problem, but the most important one is, "Can a woman avoid the infidelity of her partner?" The conclusive answer is/  In spite of the many natural and artificial barriers, yes, she can. The countless formulae used since time immemorial to keep a man faithful have already been exhaustively tested, and most of them are explained in this book.  Thus, any woman, in any part of the world, in any stage of her relationship or any emotional state, can make her man faithful.

My recommendation to all readers (especially those who suspect the sexual infidelity of their husbands, boyfriends or lovers) is to not take this book too seriously. Life is more than this one issue. The most important concept to take away from reading this book is that it can be used as a tool to allow you to be able to fully express your sensuality and femininity. This book, if used properly, could awaken the most fantastic woman that exists within you. She is the one who will be able to irresistibly seduce her desired man, turning him into an obedient, happy and always faithful little puppy on a leash.