The Induction

The Induction

ABOUT Melinda Louise Bohannon Melinda Louise Bohannon

Melinda Louise Bohannon Melinda Louise Bohannon

Melinda Bohannon graduated from Fresno State in 1994 with a BA in Liberal Studies and became a teacher. For many years, she worked with troubled teenagers and their families. In 2004 her family began working with foster children.

Melinda has spoken to groups of foster pa More...



Maggie comes to the frightening realization that, by marrying Peter, she has become a member of The Inner Society.  Now subject to an intense induction, she is forced to prove her allegiance in order to get off their hit list. Meanwhile she is also being tested by The Resistance, dissidents of The I.S., who wonder if she will jeopardize their cause with her reckless rebellion.

As The I.S. begins secretly giving vaccines to their own people, The Resistance becomes privy to an impending biological attack that The I.S. is about to wage against the country. 
Under the intense pressure of impending doom, the Youth group, itself, begins to unravel and the teens learn a hard lesson when they realize that they are not immune to the temptations of the world.

Time is rapidly running out. 

Can the Youth group pull itself back together, and will The Resistance get control of the vaccine in time to ward off national disaster?