Revealed: God's Will for Your Life

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By Charles Specht Charles Specht

Publisher : Ellechor Media, LLC

Revealed: God's Will for Your Life

ABOUT Charles Specht Charles Specht

Charles Specht Charles Specht
Charles Specht is a pastor, a husband and a father to five children, of which the youngest two were adopted from China and have “special needs.”

Saved in 1997 while a senior in college, he moved from Wisconsin to Los Angeles, California, in order to attend seminary.  More...



"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and self-control."  II Timothy 1:7

God has the answers for all of life’s important questions. Questions like: Which college should I attend? Should I marry this person? Should we homeschool our children? Should I quit my day job in order to pursue my true passion? And even, should I share the gospel with my neighbor?

Yet if God has the answers to all of life’s pertinent questions, then why does it seem He so often withholds those answers from us?

Revealed shows you how to answer such questions regarding the Lord’s plan for your life. So stop stumbling, guessing, and wondering about what God would have you do with your life. He has already revealed the plan! Frankly, the question we each should be asking ourselves is: Do I really want to hear what God has to say?