Searching In The City

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By Elizabeth Hardy Elizabeth Hardy

Publisher : Ellechor Media, LLC

Searching In The City

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Elizabeth Hardy Elizabeth Hardy
In her debut book, Elizabeth Hardy explores the peaks and pitfalls of her own Christian walk in hope of saving others from the heartbreak that could well be knocking at the doors of their hearts. Born in Nashville where she was raised to know Christ, Hardy tells the story of how she fell i More...



We all have a story, a tale that unfolds over the course of a lifetime. And while the greatest Author of all provides a distinct plot for our stories, many of us insist on rewriting the chapters, threatening to derail the story so it misses the wondrous climax promised by God. What happens then? Is it possible to conclude the novel of each lifetime with a happy ending?

Searching in the City is based on a single woman's search for self. Written as a parallel to the popular TV series Sex and the City but from a Christian perspective, author Elizabeth Hardy explores her own dependency on men and desperation for a romantic relationship, subsequently reframing that focus and dedication on Jesus Christ. Through her journey, she discovers that only Christ the Savior provides the purpose and fulfillment so many young women seek. By defining their sense of self and worth in Christ, Hardy believes women will learn to live joyfully in the moment and nurture healthy, uplifting relationships. Searching in the City reveals one simple truth: that the painful search through life's trials and obstacles ends at the foot of the cross.