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By Melinda Gregory Melinda Gregory

Publisher : Ellechor Media, LLC

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Melinda Gregory Melinda Gregory
Melinda's a lifelong avid reader who's dabbled in writing since she was a child. Now a married mother of twin girls, she calls Western New York her home. When not working her part-time job at a local church office or wrangling her children, you can find her curled up on the couch with a go More...



Small-town girl Katie Turner dreams of the lights and stages of New York City...not of ending up in the snowiest place on the planet. Buffalo, New York, was only a pit stop to scrape together some extra cash, and courage, for her journey to Broadway.
Instead, Katie meets the nice-guy-with-a-snowplow, Nick Sears, and finds herself taking on the role of Ruth in a local church play. Meanwhile, Nick slowly and steadily pursues her, a genuine nice guy who's determined not to finish last in the race for her heart.
Will Katie move on to the Big Apple...or will she decide to go "all in" with the man from Buffalo?