To Love Your Life: Release What Was, Embrace What Is, and Become Wildly Wonderful You

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By Darcy Simonson Darcy Simonson

Publisher : Ellechor Media, LLC

To Love Your Life: Release What Was, Embrace What Is, and Become Wildly Wonderful You

ABOUT Darcy Simonson Darcy Simonson

Darcy Simonson Darcy Simonson
As a personal growth guide and author, I remain transparent, teaching through personal examples, insights and experiences. I empower you to become transparent with yourself. Life is a gift and our greatest teacher. It is also a challenge and rising up through those challenges can be painfu More...



Are you happy with yourself?
Are your relationships genuine and joyful? 
Are you living a life you love?
If you can’t enthusiastically answer yes to those questions, you’re not alone.  Millions of bright, worthy and well-intentioned people struggle to find genuine happiness and inner peace. Through personal and in-depth explorations, Darcy Simonson guides you to discover why it can be a struggle to create loving relationships with yourself, your body, and others.
You’ll uproot the stories and beliefs that sabotage your happiness. You’ll come to accept and appreciate yourself and others.  You’ll recognize each moment as a gift. You’ll identify what you want, why you want it, and what’s holding you back from having it. You’ll be presented with compelling paradigm-shifting thoughts that will enable you to overcome the main obstacle to your happiness: YOU.
By the end of this book, you’ll know how to free yourself from criticism, limiting beliefs, drama, fear, and the thoughts and opinions of others. Embrace your authenticity, enjoy genuine relationships, appreciate life’s lessons, and become empowered to create a life you love.