It Had To Be You

ABOUT Honey Jans

Honey Jans
Hi, I'm erotic romance author Honey Jans.


One Magical Night…
Candy Blake is a lingerie designer looking for a publisher. Greg Morris is a publisher with a hidden agenda. Drawn back home to Morris Point WI by a lucrative contract offered by Pendant Publishing, Candy has no idea her angel is actually "The Toad" son of the man she blames for her father’s death.
They meet at their high school reunion and she's instantly attracted to the mysterious man in the hand tailored tux. For Greg's part, he finally feels alive again six years after his wife's death and he credits Candy's business proposal hitting his desk for his new lease on life. He knows she won't recognize him and he's counting on one magical night to make her see him in a new light. But, the course of love and business does not run smooth.
Together they must battle family ghosts, homicidal classmates, and a police chief who holds a grudge before they come to realize that It Had To Be You.