Coco's In The Wind: Short Love Poems

Coco's In The Wind: Short Love Poems

ABOUT Shameeca Funderburk

Shameeca Funderburk
I'm a mother of two, I have been writing all my life. Some of my son's childhood memories revolve around being surrounded by books. I've always loved reading since I was a small child. I beleive in order to be a sucessful writer, you must have a passion for reading.



This is a collection of short love poems that will challenge the concepts of love. The poems featured in this chapbook reaches back into the year 2008 and follows the author into 2014. Each poem gives a glimpse of love and all that it has to offer. Have you experienced a long distance relationship that seemed perfect? The poem titled Strawberry Kiss gives a little insight on the excitement of loving one from a distance. Or maybe you lover wasn’t so in love as he or she led you to believe. The poem Love Test leaves you questioning the true meaning of love.

With titles like Tainted Love Garden, Love Song and Snowy Trails, this book will inspire you to love. This same book will give you the strength to walk away from toxic relationships.

Will Coco find the love she longs for? Will she walk away from the river of sorrow?