Scorpio Moon

ABOUT Kayla Purtizo

Kayla Purtizo
Kayla Purtizo lives in Missouri with the loves of her life. She enjoys spending time with her family of people and pets, working on various innovative projects, travelling, trying new foods, basking on any beach, although she prefers the white sands and kaleidoscope of the crystal clear aq More...


As the popularity of Facebook explodes, so does recently divorced, Kayla’s life when she receives a Friend Request from a mysterious ex-lover. Accepting it turns her world upside down, causing her to embark on a journey where she must face the memories of a buried past in order to unlock the key to her future. Kayla’s faith is put to the test as she wonders, when the smoke finally clears, if true love will be waiting for her in the enchanting glow of the Scorpio Moon.