An American Song

Politics & Current Affairs, History, General Fiction

By Jeffy C Edie

Publisher : self published with amazon, and createspace.

ABOUT Jeffy C Edie

jeffy c edie
although my novel is fiction, i am the same age as the main character of my novel, and my life experiences, and socio-economic background are mostly the same as his.  fiction is usually drawn from the writers own life experience.


Yes the USA is exceptional, because God has made the USA exceptional.  Any nation which believes it is too intelligent, sophisticated, and advanced to believe in God or to fear God is doomed and committing suicide.  The American Dream is something more than just financial success. What is the real American Dream? A true patriot recognizes the faults in the land they love, and tries to change it for the better, even when opposed by those in power who do not embrace change. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", does not necessarily mean, the pursuit of money, or exspensive military power.

Throughout the history of the wars of the USA, working class american's of faith, for generations, have been called upon to do the real, actual, and dangerous work of war in combat, in the many wars of the USA. This story follows the effects of these wars as seen through the eyes of the only male among four generations of his family to be spared from war as a soldier.  Money talks and bullshit walks in the USA.

The old Irish slogan, “A rich mans war, but a poor mans fight.” still rings true today.

Working class American families of faith, the fathers and sons, who have always been the people called upon to do the real dangerous actual work of war in combat. These same Americans don't always enjoy their constitutional rights and bill of rights protections because they live near the bottom of the American socioeconomic totem pole. Money talks and bullshit walks in the USA. Follow the story of a young working poor Irish-American youth, beginning in 1960, at 6 years old, growing up in the rust-belt, and bible-belt, of the Midwestern part of the USA, in the economically depressed rust-belt factory town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. and following his life until 2002. Political commentary about the history, politics, and the many wars of the USA, and current political commentary during Walter McGinn, the main characters life, until just after 9/11/01. When the greatest crisis of his life happens, when his two very young sons enlist into the Marine Corp, immediately after 9/11/01.

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