ABOUT Sharon Salvaggio

Sharon Salvaggio
Sharon Salvaggio┬á is a life coach that shares her philosophy that we as individuals can "control our now" through gentle understanding and patience with life's ups and downs. As a former corporate financial officer, Sharon takes her business and personal experiences and threads  More...



Do you feel as though life isn't what it is supposed to be? Do you feel as if you have nothing but bad luck? Maybe it seems everyone else is luckier than you or just has it better than you. Whatever your situation is, you can change it for the better. Maybe it's a better relationship that you want or a better job. Your goals can be yours if you know what to do to get them. You can be that person who has all the luck. In Control Your Now Sharon Salvaggio provides insight on how to change your life for the better. Through practicing the exercises in this book, you will see positive changes in your life. Learn how to embrace the changes in your life and put yourself in the control seat of your life.

Control Your Now offers clear steps to setting goals and achieving them. No longer will you have New Year's resolutions that get broken and to do lists that never get completed. You will be in control of your life and will learn how to dispel the negative factors in your life, things that are holding you back from achieving the life you desire. Life no longer has to be a day dream. It can be your reality. Starting now you can make your life as great as you want it to be.