Big Boy Pond: A Solomon Black Novel

Mystery & Thrillers

By J.P. Hall

Publisher : Snow Publishing


J.P. Hall
J.P. Hall was born and raised in Compton, CA.  He loves to travel the world to experience the local culture in foreign lands.  It’s this passion combined with his other love, writing fact based fictional novels that portrays men of color in real world situations that inspired him to wr More...



'Solomon Black, an executive at Brougham Enterprises and his beautiful wife, Milan, are caught up in a maze of corruption, lust and murder when Solomon is sent to the beautiful exotic city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. There they discover that the owners of Brougham Enterprises, Nathan and Jerome Brougham, are not just real estate brokers, but are involved in international drug smuggling. Solomon's discovery of the brother’s drug dealings is just the tip of the iceberg of the brother's criminal activities. In San Juan, Solomon and Milan meet Diego, an international businessman, whose dealings with conflict diamonds brings Milan's complicated family background to light. After the Brougham brothers frame Solomon for embezzlement he must fight for his freedom and use all of his knowledge to save himself and Milan from the sharks that swim in The Big Boy Pond.
The fast paced twisting plot of this book takes the reader on an international journey through the dark sides of human nature where no one knows what really lurks in The Big Boy Pond

This is a great story, the characters have depth, the story is intriguing, and the locations will take your breath away. Just an entertaining read. Get a cup of hot chocolate fluff the pillows and enjoy!! You’ll loved every minute of reading J.P. Hall new book, “Big Boy Pond.” You will be on the edge of your seat until the last page of this well-crafted suspenseful novel. J.P. Hall characters are rich, and his vivid descriptions make the scenes come alive. This book is definitely worth checking out.