Immaculate Connection

ABOUT Kay Illingworth

Kay Illingworth



Maggie is a gifted medium. She has been communicating with the dead for as far back as she can remember, but her gift doesn't stop at one world. Maggie can tap into countless other existences, which she chooses to ignore. Under the surface, Maggie is aware of her own identity, but refuses to acknowledge who she really is. She resigns herself to a life of misery with Patrick, her bullying husband. But Maggie's life spirals out of control when she becomes pregnant by David O'Sullivan, the village priest. David arranges for Maggie to leave her native Ireland, give birth in France, and have the child adopted. While in France, Maggie is pulled into a past life, which reveals the nature of the soul group she belongs to, as well as her life purpose, and it terrifies her. The child she carries is no ordinary child. Aedan is born with incredible powers that will one day be able to fight demons. The setting for this stunning novel is in the 1930s, but there are also past lives and futures at play in Immaculate Connection. Kay Illingworth is writing the sequel to her debut novel Immaculate Connection. She grew up in Manchester, England, and now resides with her husband and children in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.