Mai's Exuberance

ABOUT Mary Sage Nguyen

Mary Sage Nguyen
I am a twenty three year old writer and college student. I am my happiest self when I am writing. I am the author of “The Malevolent Twin”. I’m an avid reader. The genres, I read are fantasy, young adult, and sci fi books. I do read books outside my genres from time to time. For exam More...



An corporate gentlemen who falls in love with an unusual, and untamed women. 

Who's culture, age, and more makes her unstable. 

Alrick is consumed by Mai's irresistible charisma.

Can he survive her disturbed, and unpredictable father?

Worlds apart, come together in

Mai's Exburence


Mai is a unstable, and wild girl. She searches for a man to surrender her innocence too. She mets the unlikely Alrick. A corporate handsome fellow. The pair quickly become entwined, and inseparable. Alrick becomes consumed by Mai's irresistible charm. They start fighting due to Mai's persistence to make Alrick her possession. The couple break up due to differences. Mai in a fit of rage runs away to Missouri, only to become a victim of the roadside strangler. Alrick makes makes an apperance at her funeral. Only to be confronted by Mai's  distraught, and drunk father. Later on, Alrick becomes plagued by the memories of Mai. He sees her on the street corner, and everywhere else. A phone call disturbs him even more as it comes from inside his house. Something Mai had done when they were together. What seems like a silly quip, turns into a nightmare!


Mai's Exuberance

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