The Bad Poet

Romance, Poetry, Mystery & Thrillers

By Michael Fuller

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ABOUT Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller
He was born in Evanston, Illinois and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Sociology in 1977 from Southern Illinois University. Now, Atlanta is home with his wife (Sheila) and family. He had written many essays and term papers throughout college, where Plato’s Rep More...



The tragedy of 9-11 changed many things for Americans that will never be the same. In the cloudy days soon thereafter, Carla King’s husband disappeared without a trace and she was left with their daughter to survive. After their divorce, she was living a mundane life one day at a time when one night while out with friends, she runs into Cutino Grigsby, her mister right. From the start, time spent with Cutino was adventurous and lustful, gregarious and fanciful free. They danced the Marengo on the Bay of Biscay and flew with the doves over mountains of joy. Their impromptu travels to faraway places and gifts from Cutino blinded her from any negative judgments about him. His physical appearance was striking and his confidence brought her security and made Carla take a note of admiration. But it is his deceit that teaches her the most, as her renaissance man will bring changes into her life that she never anticipates. She must hang on for the ride towards a crossroad of life which could land her in deep water, or even her demise. Experience her journey and enjoy the ride.

The Bad Poet...
Michael Paul Fuller is an extraordinary literary Artist and exemplary storyteller. Showcasing his canvas in many hues and colors of a captivating suspenseful journey.. His descriptive talent weaves the story into a fabric of tantalizing page-turning adventures. Michael paints a unique portrait of multilayered life lessons that unfold carrying a dark side. Carla King trapped in a web tangled up in corruption finds her "superhuman strength" that ultimately saves her life. "Friendly lovers now enemies from emotions gone astray. "So should I trust again in order to satisfy my learned needs? Or walk around without any link-alone but free " -Carla King '09. I highly recommend to those thriller seekers "The Bad Poet" for intriguing bedtime reading. Love Michaels writing style...looking forward to his next book. T. Williams/ATL


When I read a book in two days, it is definitly a page turner!!! An excellent read! It is a great story with all the elements that keep you reading. It has romance, a bit of mystery and definitly thrills....right up to the end! I liked the down to earthiness of the book and how he developed the characters. I kept yelling, No Carla, bad move, until I realized I was talking to a story. It is really a worthwhile read! ByTeresa Bridges