Shiver Cove, Part 1: Tamyra


TJ Shortt
TJ Shortt, a perpetual teenager, has been fascinated by the supernatural her whole life. She spends her days dispatching trucks and plotting how to kill people... on paper. In 2010 she attended the Borderlands Press Writer's Bootcamp. She enjoys participating in local and online writing gr More...


Tamyra Costa flees the complications of big city life and becomes the new girl in mysterious Shiver Cove. She’s a painfully shy girl starting her senior year and is terrified of being left an outsider. Luckily, one of the popular boys has taken notice of her. Too bad his interest also draws a bully’s attention. Unfortunately, dealing with bullies isn’t the worst thing Tamyra will have to face in her new home.
Tamyra has a secret she’s desperate to protect. Her family genetics are of a long line of werewolves and her wolf form is emerging.
Something stalks the streets of Shiver Cove. Could her deepest fears be coming true? Could her werewolf side be killing or has something far more sinister than Tamyra can imagine made Shiver Cove its home?

As a child I experienced bullying on numerous occasions. Being a very vocal (loud-mouth kid/teen) the bullying never really lasted. When I set out the write Tamyra's book I was thinking 'what if' and at some point she formed fully as a painfully shy character and I knew she was going to face some of the bullying I faced when I was young, but she wouldn't be as confrontational as I was in dealing with the bullies. Oh ya, and the werewolf part? Well that's just good fun!