Trial of Injustice

Trial of Injustice


TK Ware



On a cool Thursday morning in Banker, Alabama-the body of a twenty one year old was discovered murdered. After the police and forensics inspected, with the help of fingerprints and eye witnesses, the man responsible for the heinous crime was identified as Pastor Thaddeus Ganvis.

Charles 'Esquire' Everson, a man gifted with determination and an avenger of truth, became the most prestigious and sought after lawyer in the state of California, due to his unwavering litigation skills. One afternoon, on his way back into the office, he logged into Facebook and nearly dropped his phone when he discovered that his former pastor had been arrested for first degree murder.

Without a second thought, he booked a flight back to Banker, Alabama to prove the innocence of a godly man. Along the way, he discovers the opposition that threatens and the hidden secrets of the townsmen.