Ashes of Richmond (Sisters McConnell Book 1)


By Rachel Rain Martin

Publisher : KCL Publishing

ABOUT Rachel Rain Martin

Rachel Rain Martin
Rachel Rain Martin is the author of two historical fiction novels, ON THE BLUFFS OF CANE CREEK, and ASHES OF RICHMOND. Her third novel, GHOSTS OF LUNA CREEK will be released in October 2015. She is currently studying at The University of Montana and is a Postmaster for the United States Po More...


The Civil War has ravaged the South, bringing Sherman’s army right to Farah McConnell’s front door in Savannah, Georgia. She becomes entangled with one of Sherman’s soldiers, a Yankee from Massachusetts, who also happens to be Farah’s step-sister’s beau. Farah follows him to Richmond, Virginia, shortly after the South’s ‘Evacuation Sunday’ has left the city burned and charred. Will Farah find redemption in the Ashes of Richmond? Or will the notorious outlaw, Jesse James, change Farah’s fate once again?