Savage Animals

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Oren Hammerquist

Publisher : KCL Publishing

ABOUT Oren Hammerquist

Oren Hammerquist
Oren Hammerquist was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize for his essay "Desert Daddy" available in Motherlode Anthology, was featured in Romance Magazine for his short story "Abbie Oleander", and recently published "Mining Chernobyl" in Triangulation: S More...


In a post-dystopian world, mankind is about to lose the peace it has finally found. "Civilized man" lives once again in walled cities to protect themselves from those that refuse to the brain implants. One third of humanity shares a single base of knowledge though computer chips in their brain. One third supports the modern man. One third steals from the rest.

It is a system that keeps peace by avoiding conflict. When the computer linking the most civilized humans in history breaks, those humans are put at the mercy of their most animal instincts. The computer must override the higher brain functions of its humans to survive; the humans know only that they must somehow survive.

Those that die in this second apocalypse will be the lucky ones. Those that survive will one day awaken with the knowledge of what they are, and always will be, at heart: Savage Animals.