Let Me In-Dragan's Tale: The Mikhailov Brothers Book Two






"Why do I have to lust after the dangerous ones?"

Toni Hume tried to abide by a few simple rules: Work hard, use what you got and never date the customers.
Toni had plans. Big ones. Ones that did not include the dangerous-looking Dragan Mikhailov who may, or may not be a mobster.
But no matter the circumstances, he kept showing up in her life. And like it or not, he wasn't going anywhere.

Dragan Mikhailov had been to hell and back. Separated from family and living on the fringe, he was a dangerous man with one goal in mind. Revenge.
But when a stunning bartender gives him a run for his money, he's forced to reassess what he's willing to lose. When he decides his future is with the blonde beauty, he works to make that happen. He knows she's the one. If only Toni will let him in.