The Future is Short - Volume 2: Science Fiction in a Flash

The Future is Short - Volume 2: Science Fiction in a Flash

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Rejoice Denhere
Rejoice is a businesswoman, speaker, coach and multi genre author. Her passion for writing emanated from a love of reading which started at a very young age thanks to her parents who both loved literature. One of her favourite quotes is: Use the talents you possess, for the woods would More...



The Future Is Short - Science Fiction In A Flash Volume 2 is a collection of 76 short stories by 36 remarkable authors. If you love science fiction, you will love this. Stories are grouped under diverse themes. These include Adolescence, Apocalypse, Containment, Crime, Espionage, First Contact and Utopia.

With a foreword by John Klassi, Emmy-nominated producer and award-winning author of The Everyday Space Traveler, The Future Is Short invites the reader to vicariously live a quick slice of life from someone else’s uniquely envisioned future.

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