Love, Lies & Consequences

Love, Lies & Consequences

ABOUT Cassandra Carter

Cassandra Carter
Hi! My name is Cassandra Carter and I am the authoress behind two of the hottest Kimani Tru titles for young adults Fast Life & 16 Isn't Always Sweet!



Love brought them back together . . . Will lies tear them apart? After witnessing yet another tragic shooting, Kyra Jones barely manages to escape the streets of Chicago with her life and her freedom. Since then, Kyra has managed to settle down and stay out of trouble, but even though she seems to have moved on from the fast life, she just can’t seem to move on from her ex, Justin. Having been separated for the past five years and forbidden from any form of communication, Kyra assumes she will never see Justin again; however, his return to Prince Paul proves just as shocking as the news he has to deliver. Justin is getting married. Crushed by his engagement, Kyra struggles to respect the boundaries of their newfound friendship. But in the weeks leading up to his wedding, it becomes quite clear that Kyra isn’t the only one with unresolved feelings. . . Entangled in secrets, lies, and sabotage, Kyra and Justin fight to keep their love alive, but it doesn't take long before insecurities arise, temptation becomes too great, and accusations start to fly. Once a simmering jealousy sparks thoughts of murder, it doesn’t take long for the young lovers to realize that while they are in control of their choices, they can’t choose the consequences . . . And it's time to pay up.