Murder by the Book

Mystery & Thrillers

By Lisa Shanahan

Publisher : Christopher Matthews Publishing

ABOUT Lisa Shanahan

Lisa Shanahan


When two authors turn up dead at the Boston publishing house where she works, audacious, street-smart Frances Paige exploits her family’s ties to the Irish Mob to follow the leads . . . from the hidden coves and waterfront bars of Gloucester to swanky Back Bay watering holes and New York’s Diamond District.

Abducted by a Beacon Hill antiques dealer for poking around where she doesn’t belong, Frances soon discovers Boston’s shady worlds of antiques selling and drug smuggling collide. Could he be the murderer? Or, perhaps it’s the Gloucester fisherman and alleged drug dealer who’s tailing her all over town. Or, maybe it’s the rival publisher who’s trying to seduce her.

Unforgettable characters will charm, enthrall, and alarm you in this hold-your-breath page-turner.