From Magical Child to Magical Teen: A Guide to Adolescent Development

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By Joseph Chilton Pearce

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Joseph Chilton Pearce

Joseph Chilton Pearce
Joseph Chilton Pearce is the author of The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of the Spirit, The Biology of Transcendence, The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, and Evolution’s End. For the past 35 years, he has lectured and led workshops teaching about the changing needs of chi More...



A groundbreaking perspective on Nature's plan for full human creativity and intelligence during the teen years

• Shows what is at the core of today's serious social and psychological problems

• Explores the sexual and spiritual stage of adolescent development

• Details the connection between adolescent brain and heart development and the issue of nature vs. nurture

• By the author of Magical Child (250,000 copies sold)

Something is supposed to happen during the adolescent years--something greater than MTV, video games, and the Internet. Joseph Chilton Pearce describes this something as the natural mandate for post-biological development--the development of the sexual and spiritual senses and expansion of our growth process outside of our bodies and into the physical world that surrounds us.

Though first written in the mid 1980s, the message of From Magical Child to Magical Teen is even more compelling and helpful today--especially for those who live with and work with adolescents. Drawing on the stages of development outlined by Swiss biologist Jean Piaget and the brain research of neuroscientist Paul MacLean, Pearce demonstrates how nature has built into us an agenda for the intelligent unfolding of our lives. He offers a powerful critique of contemporary child-rearing practices and a groundbreaking alternative to existing perspectives on adolescence so we can unleash our greatest potential, as well as that of our children, in order to experience our fullness in the manner nature intended all along.
"Praiseworthy. . . . Going far beyond his earlier Magical Child to explore the dysfunctions of culture, the promise of meditation, and the paradoxes of sexuality."
Library Journal 

"He has pointed the way to an acceptance of the adolescent discovery of spirit as the normal start of a developmental path."

San Francisco Chronicle

". . . visionary work from Joseph Chilton Pearce, who asserts that beginning to explore spirituality is the natural course of adolescent development."
Mothering, 06/03