A Beautiful Destruction: the cost of living is too high--governments compromise--the popular corrupts the mind

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Publisher : BBP

A Beautiful Destruction: the cost of living is too high--governments compromise--the popular corrupts the mind




What you and I consider popular is what I used as a target. Through the scope, I took aim and fired. I kept releasing the bullets until there was nothing but pieces scattered on the ground. Then I picked them up and glued them together. Piece by piece, the popular was rebuilt but this time with a beautiful intention.

Like it or not, you and I were born inside a box of limited knowledge and without the awareness of its restricting disposition. A factual and philosophical commentary, A Beautiful Destruction attempts to exemplify the limitations. In specific, the unreasonable tides of knowledge within the oceans of information coined the popular culture and the collective intelligence.

Divided into three chapters, A Beautiful Destruction will address several of the notions that might not be completely accurate, and the focus will be on the market, government, the consumer culture, and the negative impact those three have on the person.

Chapter 1: The Market and Me

The practice of deprivation is used by the market. The majority of a nation’s people are financially and socially oppressed.

Divided into two parts, Chapter One is a must-read for anyone wondering why their financial and social situation is in the pits. You’ll discover why the cost of living is so high, why wages are so low, why the savings account has been in decline, the myth tied to a “nine-to-five”, the market conditions that influence an underdeveloped value system, the god of the filthy rich, and that god’s progeny.

Chapter 2: Government and Me

Constitutional and democratic governments are failing in their obligations. The people they represent are treated as if they were idiots. Some of the ideas discussed are the lie of private over public, the near death of democracy’s instruments, and the true nature of debt.

Chapter 3: Designed to Become

The built world daily tricks the general public to ignore a higher state of awareness. Fooled we are to settle for so much less.

Chapter Three strives to reveal the chameleon in the person, the vessel that is the woman and man, why a person wants what they want, why an individual thinks as they think, why a person believes what they believe, the techniques used to deceive, and the cunning tactics used to deny a higher living.

A Beautiful Destruction presents a challenge to the status quo, but I’d like you to know that I do not challenge the whole. There are good parts to the machine and it does have the potential to benefit all. I’m only trying to express that the machine isn’t yet perfect. All I wish to do is apply the wrench and fine-tune it. Tell me--what’s wrong with that?