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Paul Emery
~~Paul Emery is an independent British multi-genre author. His debut novel, the science fiction Kindle book "Ten" was published in 2014 after the basic concept had bounced around in his head like a game of Pong for many years. His second novel, "From the Mud", is set i More...



Earth’s viability is all but non-existent, as global warming and the changing of seasons dries up farmland and swells the salty seas. Researchers and scientists from all nations of the globe, share technology and the brave set out to explore beyond our own solar system for the first time in the search for a new home. The North America/ British Isles Alliance mission, led by fusion-reactor expert, Rachel Walker, is to explore Tau Ceti, and beyond, if necessary.
Eight dedicated professionals, and a latecomer from Texas, join her for an epic intergalactic adventure. Dan Jennings, the Texan, is a simple rancher whose anxiety is overcome by true character, as he takes the plunge and joins the mission to save mankind.
However, when a twist of fate takes Rachel by surprise, she struggles to complete the mission and descends into a mire of lost hopes and shattered dreams. It’s Dan who comes to her rescue, filling a void and restoring the team leader’s confidence to carry on.
Forming an unlikely bond, the duo charts a course for humanity and forges a friendship that overcomes adversity and melds their hearts. TEN is more than just a Sci-Fi tale of impending doom...it is a story of devotion, courage, and the will to embrace the greatest of human emotions...love.
Download TEN, strap in, set your sights on the stars, and blast off to an adventure of untold proportions – the galaxy awaits your arrival.

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