Seasons Of Life

Young Adult, Romance, Christian Books

By Kesha Ford

Publisher : MBP Publishing

ABOUT Kesha Ford

Kesha Ford
Kesha L. Ford lives in Dallas, Texas where she's raising her twelve year old son. She works in the health care industry, servicing patients for a major dialysis company. Together, she and her son founded Vi's Helping Hands in memory of their grandmother Viola Holloway, whom always inspired More...



Monique Vanderbelt, a devout Christian, is a successful ghost writer that is determined to change the direction of her career. While on a flight to New York, she has a chance encounter with Darien “DJ” Stevenson Jr. DJ is one of the biggest upcoming R & B singers in the entertainment industry. While sitting side by side during the long flight, Monique and DJ began to form a friendship effortlessly. She quickly realizes that DJ is not the same as his entertainer persona, but he’s actually a kind, laid back gentlemen. This is where their journey begins as they face the seasons of life’s ups and downs together. Seasons of heartaches, career’s highs and lows, and family battles. During their 10 year journey, Monique begins to feel more for DJ than she wants to admit because it makes her question whether they are unevenly yoked and if she is compromising herself and goals just for him.