The Rosewood Guitar, Jon's Story (Stone Trilogy, Prequel Book 2)

The Rosewood Guitar, Jon's Story (Stone Trilogy, Prequel Book 2)

ABOUT Mariam Kobras

Mariam Kobras
Winner of the 2012 Bronze and the 2013 Silver Independent Publisher's Book Awards for her Romance writing, Mariam was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She and her family lived in Brazil and Saudi Arabia before they decided to settle in Germany. She attended school there and studied American Lit More...



His journey to fame and fortune seems like a ride on a comet's fiery tail, but is this Brooklyn boy turned rock star ready for the darker side of success?
Leaving his home and family behind, a young Jon Stone moves to California to find fame as a singer-songwriter. Music is in his blood the songs seem to write themselves and it doesn't take long to land a recording contract. Although Jon's always had his head on straight, he soon discovers that sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll aren't the biggest dangers in Hollywood.
Best-selling author Mariam Kobras never disappoints, and this final prequel to her Stone Trilogy is true to form. The story of Jon Stone before he meets his soul mate, Naomi, is rich in lyrical passages and lush descriptions that will have you imagining you're walking on the beach in Santa Monica alongside Jon as he wrestles with the problems he's facing: Can you fall in love with someone based on some rhymes on a page? Is there really such a thing as one truelove, and does serendipity listen and lend a helping hand?
"Music and Romance what more do you need? A gorgeous book and a brilliant read." ~ Jaqui Somers
"This companion book to Kobras' Stone Trilogy offers a look at what life was like for Jon Stone before he became a rock'n'roll superstar. It is a lovely tale of a young man's dreams, and his journey to success." ~ Delores Hipps
"As one of the prequels to the Stone Trilogy, this book chronicles Jon's humble beginnings as a musician and his journey to fame. He eventually discovers that his path leads him right to the true heart-and-soul of his music and his life. This book is nearly impossible to put down once started!" ~ Mandy France Hall