Mind Process and Formulas: Principles, Techniques, Formulas, and Processes for Success

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Ken Brown's new book empowers readers to improve their lives
'Mind Process and Formulas' reveals path to opportunities and success.

LONDON — ""We live in a time of economic upheaval which has caused hardship and trapped many people, making them feel like they have no chance to make enough money to get out of that trap,"" says Ken Brown, author of the new book ""Mind Process and Formulas: Principles, Techniques, Formulas, and Processes for Success"" (published by Trafford Publishing). Brown's book offers people exciting ways to use their mind to create opportunities to make money and alleviate dire conditions and hardships.

""Many people have dreams, desires and hopes but they never unlock the secrets of making their dreams and hopes come to fruition,"" Brown says. ""'Mind Process and Formulas' provides simple techniques, principles and processes to enable more people to easily understand how to use their brain to improve their lives, to fulfill dreams and to become happy and successful.

An excerpt from ""Mind Process and Formulas"":

""It is said that knowledge is power but the power of knowledge lies in when anyone are able to assimilate, comprehend and understand what they've learned and uses it positively and effectively.

It is our responsibility and right to learn all of whatever good and useful things we can learn. It is also, our divine right to nurture and develop ourselves and our skills to be as effective and efficient as we can to benefit ourselves.""

""Many people should try becoming enlightened in ways to ease their struggles, and this book is intended to do some of that,"" Brown says. ""Hope the readers will use 'Mind Process and Formulas' to improve their lives and to see things a bit differently to take a more positive approach in achieving goals.""

""Mind Process and Formulas""
By Ken Brown
Hardcover - 5.5 x 8.5 in - 314 pages - ISBN 9781426937583
Softcover - 5.5 x 8.5 in - 314 pages - ISBN 9781426937293
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